Superyacht luxury for the sky

Imagine a yacht that can fly. Well, says SottoStudios Design, here it is. Based on an Embraer Lineage 1000E, an empty fuel tank is the only thing stopping you living permanently aboard the Skyacht One…

Mahogany in the sky

The most distinctive visual element of the Skyacht One is its faux mahogany ‘hull’ and tailfin, harking back to classic sailing boats of old. And the theme continues inside, throughout the cabin, from the conference room to the master suite. ‘Innovative luxury’ was SottoStudios’ design brief and, looking at the lavishly decorated interior, we’d have to say that was met – just check out the aviation-inspired gold taps in the master bathroom, or the brass inlaid window surrounds, each with mahogany panelling. The 4,000-square-foot cabin is always perfectly lit thanks to a combination of skylights running the length of the aircraft, and mood lighting for when it’s darker outside. Yours for an, ahem, reasonable 83m US dollars, why compromise on luxury just because you’re travelling by air? 

Photos: SottoStudios Design

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