Earn your exploration wings with this amphibious private plane

Serving as both an amphibious craft and a portable private aeroplane, the innovative Icon A5 makes travel and exploration by air and sea more accessible than ever…

Skip the queues

Achingly long queues and, although necessary, tedious security checks — nobody enjoys airports, but with the sleek new Icon A5, with its foldable design and versatility to take off and land on a runway, dirt strip, or secluded cove, you can get your flying fix without ever stepping into the airport terminal. The aircraft can simply be loaded onto its custom trailer, either on its wheels or in the water, and hitched onto a regular-sized SUV — ready to be taken wherever you want to explore next. And once airborne, the simple cockpit, intuitive interface, and impressive safety features ensure distraction-free flying with complete peace of mind.

Photos: Icon 

You can find more information about the Icon A5 at the California-based company’s official website