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Perfect Style - for Eternity

‘Joseph Chevalier 1761 ranks among the oldest Swiss horologists. Almost 240 years after formation, the traditional brand is enjoying its revival at this year’s ‘White Turf‘, the exclusive event on the Lake of St. Moritz. The combination of classic design with state-of-the-art technology, a principle followed since the early days, allows Joseph Chevalier to perpetuate the history of clockmaking. The company manufactures timeless collector’s items - not bowing to the trends of fashion. Even in the early days, Joseph Chevalier recognised that the real value of beautiful clocks is their immortality - the «perfect style for eternity»

Perfect Style - for Eternity For the international relaunch of the brand, Joseph Chevalier will be exclusively showing the «Star of India» Rolls-Royce (Phantom II, 188 PY) from Hans-Günter Zach’s collection. Its appearance in St. Moritz is the valuable car’s first outing in Switzerland. With the «Star of India» Limited Edition, Joseph Chevalier pays tribute to the most beautiful of all Rolls-Royces.

The new watch will be issued as a tourbillon, in a limited and numbered edition of 10 examples world-wide. The Limited Edition’s housing consists of 18 carat yellow gold, and is studded with 53 diamonds, while the classic face has been fashioned from mother-of-pearl. On the reverse, the sapphire glass affords a view of the hand-engraved mechanism which has been decorated with a floral theme involving 72 diamonds. Both the clockwork and the tourbillon cage are gold-plated. The Limited Edition’s dial date display, on the upper half of the watchface, represents additional intricacy and an optical counterweight to the filigree rotary frame. Both «Stars of India» are masterpieces, not only visually, but also in terms of the technology involved. By utilising equally exclusive, technically advanced standards, Joseph Chevalier emphasises the timelessness of genuine beauty.

Contact: Joseph Chevalier S.A., Rue St. Hubert 38, CH2854 Bassecourt/Switzerland, phone +41 (32) 426 80 62, [email protected]

Text & Foto: Joseph Chevalier S.A.,