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P’9981: Blackberry by Porsche Design

P’9981: Blackberry by Porsche Design

The Blackberry is the workhorse of mobile phones. Conceived as a mobile workplace, the Blackberry is chosen by millions to deal with their e-mails, text messages and business phone calls. But it’s never been known for its thrilling design. That could be about to change.

The Porsche Design P’9981 from Blackberry is all about the look – simple and elegant. The broad, strong, stainless steel case, shaped from a single piece of metal, the leather back cover and beautifully shaped QWERTY keyboard set it apart from a mere, ‘ordinary’ Blackberry. But then what do you expect from an object created by Porsche Design?

You might also expect to pay a premium; and you’d be right. This won’t become a mass-market product. Available from Porsche Design outlets, it’s likely to cost well in excess of 1300 euros. See

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Porsche Design