Open-plan living , aircraft cabin-style

The Airbus A380 sets new standards in aviation. Never before has a passenger aeroplane offered such a large carrying capacity and interior space. Space that offers the possibility of innovative design. Such as the ideas from the Munich offices of designers Egg and Dart who have put their ideas into practice in a 1:1 model of the A380 cabin at Toulouse.

The passenger of the future should no longer be limited to long static periods in their seats. A relaxed journey akin to a cruise ship should be possible. So the Egg and Dart Design Concept shows the principle of a "Flaniermeile" or a "Promenade Deck" over the clouds.

Open-plan living , aircraft cabin-style Open-plan living , aircraft cabin-style

George Decker, managing Director of Egg and Dart says "Airbus thought that it would be interesting to offer a completely new take on the concept of relaxed movement and space for Economy Class. At the same time it must be possible to connect both the decks."

In the Upper Deck there is an exclusive washroom, a well-equipped on-board library as well as a ‘Shopping Plaza’ that is intended to stock a high-quality assortment of merchandise. The Upper Deck is reached by climbing illuminated stairs (flanked by an artificial waterfall) and the passenger will see a bar area that can be configured for different lengths of journey (long- or short-haul). By virtue of a complex lighting system ‘virtual window’ areas can be created to make longer journeys less stressful and calming.

Apart from its work on passenger airlines, Egg and Dart also make their services available for the executive jet market, for example in 2000 the company made a design project based around a private Airbus A319.

Another area of expertise is in the world of super-luxury yachts. Their most recent project is the 38 Metre yacht Independence. With the help of one-colour design principles and clear-cut lines, they have helped fit out the yacht in a sporty, and technical, manner.

The design of the interior, which resembles an open-plan penthouse apartment flooded with light, is completely new. With seating in the centre, tall windows and a reflective finish the effect is of considerable space. Simple straight-line furniture underlines the pure aesthetics of the design, while a complex lighting system ensures the owner can adjust the ambiance to exactly their own requirements.

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Text: J.Philip Rathgen
Photos: EAD

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