Novitec Rosso Ferrari 599 GTB

Respected German Ferrari-tuner Novitec Rosso has launched an upgraded version of the Ferrari 599 GTB. By re-mapping the electronics and fitting a new exhaust system with two 90mm tail-pipes on each side of the car, Novitec claims the modified 599 has an extra 25bhp and another 25lb ft of torque. While this does lead to a small increase in top speed and 0-62mph acceleration, the main advantage is to the Ferrari’s driveability from low revs.

Novitec has teamed up with Brembo to develop a customised brake system with 405mm discs and 6-pot calipers, while the aluminium suspension system aims to increase maximum cornering speeds but is also driver-adjustable. For example, when driving into an underground car park, the ride height can be altered at the push of a button.

There are new wheels to give “a touch more elegance and sportiness”, plus a Novitec Rosso bodykit to give higher downforce and optimal cooling. It consists of a front spoiler, side-skirts with bigger cooling intakes, side flaps, a rear wing and a rear diffuser. The interior of the car can be personalised at the customer’s request.

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Text - Charis Whitcombe
Photos - Novitec

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