Not for Children: RM Sells the Bruce Weiner Microcar Collection

BMW Isetta 300 Police Car

“Ah, aren’t they cute?!” Yes, and over two days in February (15-16) RM will offer the entire Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, its cars and automobilia, all to be sold ‘Without Reserve’. Classic Driver presents ten of the best.

BMW Isetta Hunting Car

Bond Minicar Bug 700E

Fuldamobil S-6

Goggomobil TL-400 Transporter PEZ

Messerschmitt KR 200

Lightburn Zeta Sports Coupé

Mochet CM-125 Grand Luxe

Mochet CM-125 Y Camionette

Trabant P 50/2 and Weferlinger Heimstolz Camping Trailer

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You can view the Microcar lots to be sold on 15-16 February 2013 in the Classic Driver Marketplace

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Text: Jan Richter
Photos: RM Auctions