New Ferrari California

On 9th May, Ferrari announced that its forthcoming GT would be revealed, bit by bit, over a period of weeks, on a dedicated website – before the new car’s final unveiling at the Paris Auto Show in October.

Initially, the website gave only the roar of the GT’s engine… and then, just four days later, the first official pictures of the new car. (Which seems to have given the game away surprisingly soon: can we suspect a ‘leak’, which prompted the rapid revelations?)

The latest addition to the new generation of Ferraris, which so far comprises the 612 Scaglietti and 430 Scuderia, is the Ferrari California: an 8-cylinder convertible with folding hard-top and, in line with the rest of the range, aluminium chassis and bodywork. For the first time in Ferrari’s history, the California will be powered by a new V8 engine mounted in the mid-front position.

The California’s 4300cc V8, featuring direct fuel injection and a ‘flat’ crankshaft, develops 454bhp at 7500rpm, which sees the 0-62mph sprint demolished in ‘less than 4.0 seconds’. Fuel consumption has yet to be confirmed but emissions will be around 310g/km CO2. Meanwhile, the car comes equipped with multilink rear suspension, ‘F1-Trac’ traction control (which debuted on the 599 GTB Fiorano) and Brembo brakes with carbon-ceramic discs as standard.

Ferrari hopes that the California will attract buyers new to the marque – but this is certainly not a cheap, entry-level model. Nor does it replace any car currently in the range. It is, however, aimed at drivers who don’t necessarily want the hard edge of ultimate Prancing Horse performance – hence, for example, the gentler pleasures of the smooth 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. It also offers ‘2+’ space, meaning a two-seater configuration plus space which could accommodate two seats, or maybe more luggage room… the details will be confirmed in due course, along with further pictures and tech specs in the run-up to the official unveiling at the Paris International Car Show in October.

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Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Ferrari SpA

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