New CRN superyacht range ‘Dislopen’: high-performance ‘open boats’

Italian luxury yachtbuilder CRN, a division of the Ferretti Group, today announced a new superyacht concept that combines the speed and fun of an ‘open boat’ with the comfort and seaworthiness of a traditional displacement vessel.

The new ‘Dislopen’ range will be available in three sizes in the ‘Sport’ line: a 46-metre model, a 52-metre and a 62-metre. They all feature large outdoor areas perfect for sunbathing or dining, with a master suite on what CRN calls the ‘ship owner’s bridge’ and five VIP cabins on the lower deck. The crew have separate accommodation away from the guests.

The advanced design of the hull means that while traditional boats with such large areas of exposed deck are not so comfortable at night, or over longer distances, the Dislopen range will allow guests to sleep while the crew moves the yacht on to its next luxury destination, braving the waves and any untoward weather.

New CRN superyacht range ‘Dislopen’: high-performance ‘open boats’ New CRN superyacht range ‘Dislopen’: high-performance ‘open boats’

The yachts are designed in conjunction with the celebrated luxury marine architects Gianni and Paola Zuccon of Studio Zuccon, both of whom were present at the London hotel launch today, 7 July 2011.

Power is provided by two Caterpillar engines with output dependent on the size of the yacht. For example, the 62-metre version has two C 3512 C motors which enable cruising at 14 knots.

Features such as the 46-metre yacht’s full beam retractable terrace overlooking the sea in VIP guest cabins, and the 52-metre version’s ‘beach club’ at the stern, ensure that CRN’s existing, discerning clientele will be satisfied with the level of luxury in this new, innovative range.

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Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: CRN / Ferrett Group

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