New Bristol Fighter T

Featuring a twin turbocharged and intercooled 8 litre V10 engine, Bristol Cars has announced the fastest version of its roomy two-seater yet. First deliveries of the Fighter T are expected in September 2007.

The company produced Britain's first turbocharged car (the Beaufighter) in 1980 and the latest engine is an all-aluminium 8 litre V10 with 9.3:1 compression ratio, two ball bearing water cooled turbochargers with intercooling, uprated engine internals, high flow cylinder heads with high lift camshaft, a high capacity cooling system and catalysts. The free flow exhaust exits at the side of the car.

All of these revisions mean an output of 127 bhp per litre, that's 1012 bhp at 5600 rpm, with 1036 lb.ft of torque available at at 4500 rpm.

At 3500 rpm the standard Fighter produces 525 lb.ft of torque. The Fighter T delivers more than 900 lb.ft at the same rpm, and continues to do so all the way up to the rev limit of 6000 rpm. Styling changes mean the T's drag factor is reduced to 0.27 by a new rear wake diffuser, and a potential maximum speed of more than 270 mph has been electronically limited to a more than sufficient 225 mph at 4500 rpm. 0 to 60 mph is achieved in less than 3.5 seconds.

Changes to the interior include an engine-turned aluminium instrument and centre console, instrument faces with coloured varnish to match leather, turned aluminium switch gear, a turbo boost gauge, lightweight ‘racing style’ seats and a lightweight steering wheel.

The transmission is a 6-speed manual gearbox with increased torque capacity. Revised gear ratios to suit torque characteristics. 60 mph in first gear - 49.8 mph at 1000 rpm in 6th gear. The chassis has been stiffened by 30% in torsion, has firmer springs, a 10 mm lower ride height, 25% stiffer front anti-roll bar, firmer sports dampers, revised wishbone geometry front and rear, 40% increased castor and ball-jointed rear torque bushings.

The Fighter T runs on 285 x 19" front tyres, 335 x 19" rear tyres, mounted to 5-spoke 19" aluminium alloy lightweight wheels.

The company states: "Responding to the needs of some exacting customers we have created a very special Fighter variant which, as ever, remains a compact and enjoyable car to drive around town or as an exhilarating track car. Yet it takes two people and their luggage in great luxury and ease for trans continental travel".

Bristol Cars believe "That there is no other car with such a remarkable range of abilities".

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Bristol Cars

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