The new BMW M3 CS Coupé

BMW is set to enrich its M car line-up with the launch of the M3 CS. Based on the multi-award winning M3 Coupé, the M3 CS, available to order now in the UK, adds key performance ingredients from 2003’s exclusive M3 CSL. The result? An even more focused M3. And, at £43,555 on-the-road (a price premium of just £2,400 more than a BMW M3 Coupé), the CS will appeal to those M3 customers looking for that extra sparkle without compromising the exclusivity of M3 CSL ownership.

The M3 CS Coupé features performance-oriented CSL specification. It adds that car’s 18-inch disc brakes, a more direct steering rack (14.5 ratio rather than the 15.4 of the M3) and M Track Mode, the steering wheel activated system that increases DSC thresholds.

Styling additions will also set the car apart from a ‘standard’ M3. These include, ‘M3 CSL Design’ 19-inch light alloy wheels, steering wheel, hand brake lever and (optional) SMG gearstick clothed in Alcantara, exclusive ‘Alu Tec’ interior trim, and exclusive ‘Interlagos Blue’ paintwork (all M3 exterior colours are available).

All other technical and equipment specifications are as per the ‘standard’ M3 and the M3 CS is not being introduced as a limited edition. Whilst the M3 CS adds new desirability to an ‘old’ favourite, the new boys on the block, the M5 and M6, continue to make the news.

UK price announced for BMW M6

Fresh from its first international press drives, an on-the-road price of £79,760 has been confirmed for the 507bhp M6. This pitches the fastest ever BMW production car firmly against the similarly priced, but slower and less powerful Aston Martin V8 Vantage. It also makes a strong case against Italian supercars, with performance to challenge, for example, the 575M Maranello and 612 Scaglietti from Ferrari at considerably less expense.

The BMW M5 (aka Roadmonster)

BMW (UK) has produced an atmospheric on-line animation to celebrate the launch of the new M5 in May. ‘Roadmonster’ can be viewed at and features an M5 evading all that a possessed highway can throw at it. Suzanne Gray, BMW (UK) Advertising Manager, summed up the film. "M5 is such a legendary name that we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the new model’s capabilities. This unique piece of film demonstrates its staggering performance in an appropriately dynamic way that is, unfortunately, not possible through traditional media such as television." ‘Roadmonster’ also includes a link through to, BMW’s critically acclaimed series of short films that featured Madonna, Clive Owen and an E39 M5 in a Guy Ritchie directed film, Star. The world’s most famous female pop star plays a clichéd ‘difficult’ celebrity, but it is the M5, with Owen at the wheel, that is the real star.

The new BMW M5 is launched at UK dealers on 19 May priced £61,760. Current orders are estimated to account for all of the UK’s 2005 and 2006 allocation of cars.

Words/Photos; BMW

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