New Allard J2X on Sale in Europe

The Canadian-built Allard J2X Mk II, which recreates the classic V8-powered two-seater road racer manufactured in Clapham by Sydney Allard in the early 1950s, is now on sale in the UK and Europe, via Premium Classic Cars Ltd of Suffolk, England. Today’s Allard Motor Works is a well-established company in Montreal – run by Sydney’s American namesake Roger Allard – and the new J2X Mk II is officially recognised by the Allard Register.

The new Allard follows the macho appearance of the original faithfully and has a composite body with a metal bonnet. As in the past, the J2X Mk II is offered with a choice of large, American, high-performance V8 engines. The standard power unit is the 5.7-litre, fuel-injected GM Ram Jet, giving 350bhp and over 400lb ft of torque. It drives the rear wheels through a modern five-speed manual gearbox.

The new, steel chassis has been designed with modern safety requirements in mind. The all-round independent suspension of the new car differs from that of the original, which had a divided front axle and a de Dion rear layout. Early J2Xs gave plenty of traction and they were very quick machines but they did require, shall we say, a robust and courageous driving style. The handling of the Mk II is likely to make more sense to today’s enthusiastic drivers who want a taste of the style of the past, coupled with serious performance.

To date, all J2X Mk IIs have been left-hand drive but work is in progress on a right-hand drive option. Production of all J2X Mk II models will be limited to 100 cars per year and prices are expected to start from about £95,000.

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Text: Tony Dron
Photos: Premium Classic Cars

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