New 911 GT3 for Autumn 2009

A host of detailed changes are sure to make the latest road-going Porsche 911 GT3 significantly quicker than its predecessor – already a formidable track-day machine. The full specification of the new model, which goes on sale in the autumn, will be released later but the essence of what is to come has just been announced by Porsche.

Engine capacity is up by 200cc to 3.8 litres and VarioCam now works on the exhaust valves, not just the inlet side, raising maximum power from 415 to 435HP. Mid-range torque is increased as well – 0-62mph is now achieved in 4.1 seconds, with a top speed of 194mph.

Aerodynamic improvements, doubling the downforce at both front and rear, may well make an even bigger difference to track performance. A new optional Aerodynamics Package offers yet more high-speed grip. The revised suspension is stiffer than before but Porsche claims that the latest GT3 retains a civilised quality of ride comfort. The new model offers owners more control, with two switches to deactivate both traction and stability controls separately, if required.

The brakes have been uprated and, for enhanced track-day handling response, stiffer engine mountings are one of many options. This new GT3 is making its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 3rd March, with Europe-wide sales starting in May. It will be priced from £81,914. Full-race versions of the GT3 are also available from Porsche Motorsport.

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photo: Porsche

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