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The Navigon 7100/7110

A winner of a prestigious Red Dot Award this year for industrial design, the Navigon 7100/7110 mixes form with function with its fine polished acrylic glass, superior plastics and coatings, as well as aluminium components all appearing to 'float' in front of the driver's line of sight.

The latest satellite navigation device from the Hamburg-based company is designed to look good in today's increasingly style-driven automobile interiors as well as provide top-class guidance across Europe.

One of the USPs of the new device (the 7100 is for one country e.g. Great Britain or Germany/Austria/Switzerland, while the 7110 has a full European map database) is the 'Reality View' that gives drivers a realistic image of the road and possible fiendish junctions ahaead. It also has a 'Bellevue' facility to choose the most scenic route from A to B.

The Navigon 7100/7110 The Navigon 7100/7110

Frequent travellers will like the in-built TMC (Traffic Message Channel) function that can steer drivers around traffic hot-spots in real-time, while the Bluetooth incorporated in the device can be used to handle hands-free mobile 'phone calls.

For the motorist ever-watchful of his or her speed there is also a database of known Police radar locations throughout Europe (except Switzerland) so there's no excuse now to either a) get lost, b) be late for a meeting, or c) fall foul of the law trying to make up time. As if you would.

The new Navigon 7100/7110 measures 92 x 130 x 23 mm, weighs just 195 gm and is attached to the windscreen via a stylish bayonet mount. It has a PIN code for added security too. A single country version costs 429 Euro/£289.00 while the all-European package comes in at 499 Euro/£336.00.

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