Mosler MT900S

We’ve all done it. Been to a race, Le Mans perhaps, and come back thinking, "Golly, I’d like to have a go in something like that". Well of course you’ve always been able to, by purchasing a Pagani Zonda, Koenigsegg or Enzo. Now it’s possible to get pretty well that sort of performance for a fraction of the price - by buying a Mosler MT900S, the 440 bhp road-going version of the MT900R that’s had considerable GT racing success.

Created by American enthusiast Warren Mosler (the ‘M’ in ‘MT’, ‘T’ stands for the designer’s name, former GM man Rod Trenne), production of the cars is split between the US, where all components are made and finished cars produced, and the UK (Norfolk, with the inevitable number of ex-Lotus employees) where component parts are built into finished cars with full type-approval and road registration for the UK.

Racing Green Cars in Hampshire, perhaps better known for their official TVR dealership and classic Jaguar sales, are the UK distributors for Mosler and are really enthusiastic about the car.

"It’s not a road car turned into a racing car" explains Racing Green’s Colin Bowler, "It’s a road-legal competition car that, for the money, is pretty unbeatable for those looking at the ultimate track-day machine or a car that will certainly turn heads on the road.

"And it’s turn-key. No hot-oil start or ultra-exotic componentry, just a tried and tested Chevy (Corvette) V8 plus a Getrag G50 6-speed transaxle with fully adjustable suspension that the average mechanic will be familiar with. A lot of the parts are GM-coded so are just a telephone call away, and the carbon-fibre tub has steel sub-frames on its extremities so in the event of a minor accident it will not be damaged."

And who would be a likely buyer?

"A serious ‘arrive-and-drive’ track day enthusiast looking for a reliable and durable high-performance full two-seater" says Bowler. Looking at the cockpit, it’s surprisingly roomy and easy to get in or out. A lot of the fittings and seating position can be made to measure, although the standard racing seat (on runners for accommodating drivers of differing heights) suited me. The cars in the showroom were LHD, although RHD versions with a reversed offset cabin are now in production. Racing Green have already sold two cars.

The bodywork is made of composite (with carbon-fibre an option), and the design is an attractive one borne of racing aerodynamics with its rear wing and underbody diffuser. Looking at an MT900 on the inspection ramp with its undertray removed, it’s impressive how good the access to major parts like the alternator is, and how simple and strong the overall structure appears.

Eclipse Racing, with support from Racing Green, ran a MT900R in last year’s British GT Series co-driven by one of the company’s staff, Phil Keen. One of his most spectacular outings (in the inaugural 2005 A1 GP at Brands in front of a 60,000 strong crowd) saw him winning after having a pit-lane incident with another car - pushing him back from 1st to 24th! The company will continue their racing programme in 2006.

Mosler MT900S Mosler MT900S

Performance -

0 to 60 mph: 3.4 seconds
0 to 100 mph: 7.5 seconds
0 to 150 mph: 18.0 seconds
0 to 180 mph: 39.2 seconds
30 to 70 mph: 2.6 seconds
60 to 0 mph: 100 ft
100 to 0 mph: 275 ft
Standing Quarter Mile: 11.8 seconds @ 125 mph
Standing Kilometre: 21.1 seconds @ 157 mph
Max Speed: +190 mph
Fuel Economy: 18 mpg city, 26 mpg extra urban

The Mosler MT900S is priced at £130,000 (including VAT) on the road, and can be personalised to order. Racing Green have two Mk I cars in stock at £99,950. Tax-free sales are possible. For further details contact John Heywood or Colin Bowler on +44 (0) 1252 544888, or visit the company’s website at and email [email protected]

Racing Green Cars
Station Road West
Ash Vale
GU12 5QD

Editor’s Note: Taking time out from looking at the Mosler I had a chat with the company’s classic Jaguar specialist, Peter Hugo. Business is booming apparently for the right cars, and Peter showed me a wonderful ‘barn find’ LHD XK120 roadster with period competition history (it still carries the dash badges) the company has started a restoration on, as well as a highly realistic (it had me fooled!) Jaguar C-Type replica by Proteus. They’ve also now received FIA Approval for their totally original Jaguar C-Type re-creation so this is now eligible for Historic Racing. You can see all Racing Green’s classic car stock on Classic Driver by clicking HERE .

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Darren Franks

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