Morgan will make AeroMax Coupé

Britain's oldest family-owned motor manufacturer Morgan has announced that it will put the design project AeroMax Coupé into production. Intended as long distance touring GT, the car will cost in the region of £94,000 + VAT.

The idea for the coupé, that debuted at Geneva in 2005, came from Prince Eric I. Sturdza, president of Banque Baring Brothers Suisse, who commissioned the car as a hardtop, practical version of the Aero 8. It featured a hardwood and traditional pleated leather interior, with a large flat load area behind the seats accessed via two 'Gullwing' opening split rear windows.

Underneath the revised bodywork the car features the aluminium composite chassis of the Aero 8 convertible with power coming from the familiar BMW V8 and a variety of modern safety aids such as tyre pressure and temperature monitoring equipment. Bespoke luggage by Schedoni of Italy will fit in the boot to maximise the practicality of the car.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Morgan

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