Morgan and Superdry: Limited-edition car and clothing

Morgan and Superdry: Limited-edition car and clothing

The Morgan Motor Company (old, yet somehow funky) has joined up with British clothing brand Superdry (new, and decidedly ‘happening’) to present both a special edition of the 3 Wheeler and a matching leather jacket.

The jacket, made from the same hide as used in the car, combines retro, 1930s styling with the faux-Japanese look made famous by Superdry (whose Cheltenham HQ is not so far away from Malvern).

The ‘Superdry Edition’ Morgan 3 Wheeler is limited to 200 examples and includes bespoke features such as ‘orange-wall’ tyres, matt silver paintwork, quilted ‘Superdry tarp leather’ seats, a Superdry detailed filler cap and a ‘Tokyo’ rally plate.

Like its three-wheeled namesake, the jacket will be an exclusive run (to just 200, numbered by a stamp on the neck label) and the antiqued leather is nicely contrasted by a bright red lining.

No prices for either car or clothing have yet been announced. For further details, visit and

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Superdry / Morgan

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