MINI Concept Frankfurt 2005

Exactly 45 years after the launch of the Mini Traveller in September 1960, MINI is presenting the MINI Concept Frankfurt at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show - a design study re-interpreting the philosophy of the little Traveller from Great Britain through a new concept of "Travelling in Style" befitting the beginning of the 21st century.

Wide-opening doors with parallelogram kinematics characterise this very special car in the same way as its coupé-like look without a B-pillar, the new silver metallic paintwork and exquisite materials within the interior. The MINI Concept Frankfurt also echoes the classic Mini Traveller through its Estate design boasting a symmetrically split double door at the back, as well as split rear side windows.

The fundamental idea in developing MINI Concept Frankfurt was to make loading and entering the car as simple and convenient as possible. This is why all four doors (the driver/front passenger and rear doors) come with parallelogram kinematic joints and springs: To allow optimum access and entry into the car, the doors swivel to the side and at the same time to the front in one single movement, ensuring maximum opening space leading into the interior. The rear sliding windows open electrically, the front section moving parallel beneath the rear half. With the windows fully open, MINI Concept Frankfurt thus provides a particularly impressive feeling of style otherwise to be found only in a coupé and convertible. And thanks to the long wheelbase, the two rear seats are easy to reach.

The MINI Concept Frankfurt comes with an adjustable Cargobox within the luggage compartment with its loading cover moving out to the rear for easy and convenient access. A further feature is the transparent cover on the Cargobox moving up and thus serving as a partition between the passenger area and the luggage compartment. The rear section of the roof opens up just as conveniently for easy loading.

The "Floating Elements" concept continues the car’s exterior styling inside: the central "insular element" of the centre console holding the "suspended" seats in position, while the free-hovering dashboard features a speedometer in the middle. Just like the original.

The MINI Concept Frankfurt offers adequate space for four, and the rear-seat backrests tilt down individually to form a flat surface flush with the floor of the luggage compartment.

Throughout the interior, white leather underlines the impression of modern style and generous space. The colour white emphasises the clear lines of MINI Concept Frankfurt, top-quality leather being used on different surfaces, the warm, natural surfaces being supplemented by cool-looking, metallic trim in other areas. An aluminium-coated glass-fibre structure, for example, accentuating the door panels and linings inside the car.

MINI Concept Frankfurt 2005 MINI Concept Frankfurt 2005

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