Mercedes 'Sports Tourer' family revealed at Paris 2004

The innovative Sports Tourer concept developed by Mercedes-Benz is becoming more and more versatile. At the Paris Motor Show the Stuttgart brand is presenting a study for this future-oriented touring car in two variants for the first time: the European version of the "Vision R" Grand Sports Tourer is now joined by the new "Vision B" Compact Sports Tourer. Mercedes-Benz is thereby underlining the potential of this vehicle concept for a new model family.

Design, dynamism, dimensions – these are the shared hallmarks of the Sports Tourers which make them individual and distinctive. The design lines with their striking front ends emphasise the muscular and active nature of the Sports Tourers, which are equipped with high-torque CDI diesel engines. In the Grand Sports Tourer "Vision R" a new V6 power unit ensures effortless performance, thanks to 218 hp and 510 Nm from 1800 rpm.

Generous seating space, exemplary comfort and a high level of practicality are other attributes shared by the Mercedes-Benz Sports Tourers, providing first-class conditions for relaxed and enjoyable touring.

The idea of the Sports Tourer, which Mercedes-Benz first presented in 2002, combines the advantages of familiar vehicle concepts such as a sporty saloon, estate, van and "Sport Utility Vehicle" (SUV) to create a new category in its own right. Accordingly the show cars impress with their size, comfort and practicality while meeting the highest expectations in terms of performance and dynamic handling.

The Sports Tourers are the Mercedes-Benz answer to the wishes of forward-thinking people for an automobile with an exciting design and a striking character which is equally suitable for family, recreational and professional use. Both concept vehicles provide this versatility.

Grand Sports Tourer "Vision R": 4+2-seater with luxury appointments

The Grand Sports Tourer "Vision R", which Mercedes-Benz is presenting in its European version with a wheelbase of 2980 mm in Paris, is designed as a 4+2-seater. The passengers have the benefit of comfortable, single seats and a level of spaciousness which exceeds that of many a luxury saloon. Tasteful appointments with fine leather and decorative trim of ash-wood and aluminium contribute to the feel-good atmosphere in the spacious interior.

Thanks to four-wheel drive, air suspension and the powerful new V6 diesel engine, the large Sports Tourer has everything needed for dynamic driving pleasure. Equipped with the 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatic transmission, the 218 hp six-cylinder powerplant manages more than 32 mpg. The exhaust emissions meet the EU-4 standards, and the particulate filter system developed by Mercedes-Benz also reduces soot emissions.

Compact Sports Tourer "Vision B": Intelligent concept for space and comfort

Thanks to its intelligent concept, the Compact Sports Tourer "Vision B" is likewise in a class of its own. Arranging the engine and transmission partly in front of and partly beneath the passenger cell – according to the sandwich principle – gives this all-new touring car the interior spaciousness of larger saloons and estates despite its compact external dimensions.

Mercedes 'Sports Tourer' family revealed at Paris 2004 Mercedes 'Sports Tourer' family revealed at Paris 2004
The compact Sports Tourer is powered by a new four-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 140 hp and a highly respectable torque of 300 Nm. Other equally impressive attributes are a fuel consumption of over 47 mpg and exhaust emissions at EU-4 levels. A diesel particulate filter is also included.

Paintwork: world premiere of an innovative high-gloss paint

In line with the special nature of the Sports Tourer show cars, Mercedes-Benz is using a new type of exterior paint with a high-gloss finish for the first time. This surrounds the vehicle body like a metallic skin and emphasises its design lines even more strongly. This extremely shiny, high-luminance finish is the result of a newly developed and highly sophisticated process which the Stuttgart brand intends to progress to series production maturity.

Text/Photos: DaimlerChrysler

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