Maybach details revealed

Daimler Chrysler are now revealing the details that go together to make the new Maybach what they hope will be the best car in the world. In an extensive photo gallery we show you the design features of this exciting car.

New York, Jul 02, 2002. Four months after its comeback at the Geneva Motor Show, the luxury car brand Maybach presented the exclusive limousine to the public for the first time. As well as the usual dynamic refinements we are used to with a Daimler benz product, the Maybach also sets new standards for an exceptional level of luxury as 'standard'. This will include DVD and TV receiver, twin cordless cellphones and a refrigerated compartment. The glass roof can be configured to convert differing levels of light via electrotransparent glass and Maybach assure us for the discerning client there are two million different permutations of options and finish. In other words in the unlikely event you see two Maybachs together you can be assured they will not look the same.

Classic Driver will of course be bringing you the Maybach as a 'Car of the Week' in a future issue, in the meantime the photogallery gives a taste of what is to come for the world's super rich.

Please download these 'Maybach' styled wallpapers:

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Photos: DaimlerChrysler