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Lyon & Turnbull Auction - 22nd July

Edinburgh-based auctioneers Lyon & Turnbull will be selling four vintage cars, and many prestige number plates (including 911POR and THE911) on behalf of the Scotch whisky liqueur company Drambuie.

The family-owned company had already sold an extensive art collection earlier this year and this decision is another part of the ‘strategic imperative of streamlining non-essential activities’. The MacKinnon family had also owned the Edinburgh luxury car dealership Glenvarigill, so one of the Model Ts bears that livery, the other ‘Wagonette’ that of the sublime Scotch liqueur of blended ingredients to a ‘closely guarded secret’ recipe.

Lot 953 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, Chassis No CLW 17 Registration OYM 362

Finished in silver and grey green, the car is a Mulliner-bodied saloon with roll-down glass snob-screen between driving and passenger compartments.

The interior trim is grey fabric, possibly original, and in good unworn order. Interior woodwork is excellent; save for minor water staining round the fixing screws. The car would appear complete in terms of details such as cigar lighter, controls etc and, of course, Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. It also sports period AA and RAC badges.

Underneath, the chassis is very sound but there is some rusting to the sill panels and jack points, which would benefit from attention. The car comes with current registration document, is now running and has an MOT certificate. A new battery and a few turns of the engine and it started no problem - slight noise from exhaust. .

Estimate £15,000-20,000

Lot 950 Ford Model T Wagonette Registration SP 5139

Fife registered four-cylinder T used in the Hackney trade and dating from circa 1922. This is an unusual model with a rear compartment with face-to-face bench seats for six (or eight). Its side window panels can be slid out to provide for open-sided summer tours (although these are currently painted in). It has a rear entrance with single step (loose) and sports its original 'HACKNEY CARRIAGE' rear plate. Typical of an early ‘20s bus the vehicle is fitted with side oil lamps in addition to electric head and wing lamps.

The engine is fitted with an oversize radiator to handle the heavy loading that was intended for the vehicle, and although not run for many years the engine turns over freely from the crank handle. Professionally refinished in all-black with varnished wood wheel spokes, it seems to have much of its original Rexine trim, although this is thinly overpainted. It has been dry stored since it was restored and is in very sound structural order, being displayed at Alford Motor Museum until being offered for sale.

It is fitted with detachable sign-written 'Drambuie' side panels. An attractive detail is the dashboard mounted suppliers plate for 'H K Brown - Motor Engineers - Kirkaldy'. It comes with a spare cylinder head and a set of axle blocks.

Lot 951 Ford Model T 4 Seater Open Tourer Registration SP 7454

This Fife registered four cylinder T dates from circa 1924 and has an interesting history in being used as a Hackney Carriage until 1937, it still has its licence disc 'Expiring 6 37 - within 30 miles of post office - Lochgelly’. It is professionally refinished in all-black with varnished wood wheel spokes and black vinyl leatherette interior trim. Its hood is in good order. It has been kept in dry storage since refinishing and is in very clean and sound order. The car has not been run in many years but its engine turns over freely from the crank-handle. It is supplied with a spare cylinder head.

Lot 952 Ford Model T Coupé Registration EL 1049

The two-seater Model T Coupe was sometimes known as a 'doctor's' or 'high hat' coupe because of its body's height to length ratio. This four cylinder example from circa 1922 has been professionally refinished in all-black with varnished wood wheel spokes and grey fabric interior trim. Structurally it seems in sound order, but there is some storage rusting in the hinges and round the engine clips, etc. The car is not in running order and its wiring needs some attention, the engine can be turned over from the crank handle and would probably need no more than a general overhaul to fire up. EL is the registration letters for the Bournemouth area.

Prestige number plates:

Lot NumberRegistrationEstimate
954USF1£3,000 - £5,000
955HSF1£5,000 - £8,000
9571DLG£5,000 - £8,000
969S37£5,000 - £8,000
970S47£5,000 - £8,000
971S61£5,000 - £8,000
972S67£5,000 - £8,000
973S121£5,000 - £8,000
974S140£8,000 - £12,000
975S247£5,000 - £8,000
9761BBX£3,000 - £5,000
977911 POR£10,000 - £15,000
978THE 911£10,000 - £15,000

The Sale will be held at:

Lyon & Turnbull
33 Broughton Place,
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 131 557 8844
Fax: +44 (0) 131 557 8668

Email: [email protected]


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