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Lynx Aston Martin Virage Turbo

Built by Lynx in 2002, this highly modified Virage is now powered by a 7 litre turbo charged version of the original 5.3 litre unit. Power output is 725 BHP at 4,000 rpm with a peak torque of 1,150 lb/ft at 3,100 rpm.

The transmission, brakes, suspension and steering have all been modified to handle the huge increase in performance. At the owner’s request no modifications to the bodywork or styling have been made, the only clues to the dramatic increase in performance being the larger diameter wheels and additional cooling ducts in the front spoiler.

Body and interior

  • Aston Martin Virage chassis number 50413 manufactured 1994
  • Number 3 of a limited edition of 9
  • Colour Deep Jewel Green
  • Interior special tan leather trim with carbon fibre panelwork
  • Additional digital instrumentation for boost pressure, boost temperature and fuel pressure
  • Engine
  • Aston Martin V8 bored and stroked to 7 litre
  • Compression ratio 8.8:1
  • Single Turbonetics turbo mounted in front of engine
  • Bespoke programmable full engine management system
  • 725 BHP at 4,000 rpm
  • 1,150 lb/ft torque at 3,100 rpm
  • Additional engine stabilisers on front of cylinder block
  • Accusump oil pressure priming system
  • Cooling system

  • High capacity primary aluminium radiator with cooling fan
  • Secondary aluminium radiator and cooling fan mounted behind N/S headlight
  • High capacity oil cooler
  • Twin thermostatically controlled ducted fans in inner wings
  • High capacity transmission cooler
  • Thermostatically controlled differential oil cooler
  • Transmission
  • Extensively modified GM4L80E electronic 4 speed automatic transmission unit
  • Fully programmable shift points and shift speeds
  • Uprated clutches and bearings
  • Bespoke torque converter
  • Jaguar J-gate lever
  • Sport and normal mode
  • Electronic traction control utilising ABS sensors with 3 switchable modes
  • Uprated propeller shaft running in reinforced transmission tunnel
  • Heavy duty bespoke differential carrier with 5 mounting points working in compression under load
  • Suspension and steering
  • Cast A-frame rear suspension replaced by adjustable Watts linkage assembly with 3” wider track
  • Front suspension upgraded to Virage Vantage specification with 3” wider track
  • Adjustable Koni shock absorbers with bespoke springs
  • Virage Vantage steering rack and hydraulic pump
  • Revised steering and suspension geometry
  • Brakes
  • 375 mm diameter ventilated and grooved front discs
  • 335 mm ventilated and grooved rear discs
  • Alcon 6 piston competition front calipers
  • Virage Vantage rear calipers and handbrake mechanism
  • Virage Vantage servo
  • Virage Vantage ABS braking system
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Bespoke 18” x 8.5” magnesium alloy
  • Pirelli 225/45ZR18 P Zero tyres
  • Fuel system
  • Twin high capacity Bosch fuel pumps
  • 42 Gallon collapsible safety fuel cell
  • 2 Gallon switchable reserve fuel capacity
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    Text - Lynx
    Photos - Steve Wakefield