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Luca di Montezemolo: V6 Ferraris and “A 12-Cylinder ‘Open-Top’ in the Near Future”

Speaking to an audience of specialist and general press in London this week, the Ferrari President discussed the company’s ongoing development of new technologies and road car possibilities for the near future.

Talking of the company’s role as the most iconic brand in a car manufacturing sector under great pressure from the environmental lobby, di Montezemolo said: “Ferrari is synonymous with driving emotion, beautiful design and ongoing technological innovation, characteristics that are shared by all of our models. One of the focuses of our constant drive for technological innovation is emissions reduction.

“So far, we have achieved significant results that will continue to improve as time goes on. In fact, we’ve already unveiled an innovative 12-cylinder hybrid based on our experience with KERS in Formula 1.”

Replying to questions on the market performance of the Maranello marque at a time of deep worldwide financial troubles, he commented, “We aren’t changing the company strategy of always building fewer cars than the market demands.”

Regarding an ‘open-top’ version of the 599 GTB, of which a very limited number will be built, he revealed that it would be “...a very unusual car and it will certainly surprise you. It’s only going to be available to a very select number of clients who’ve been asking us for an open-top version of the 12-cylinder for quite some time now.

“We won’t be unveiling it at a show though. Instead we’ll be organising private presentations.” This has led to speculation of a possible Pebble Beach debut for something which could be seen as a modern-day Superamerica.

Addressing the vociferous environmental lobby issue, the Ferrari President reconfirmed the company’s interest in hybrid cars, and stressed that Maranello’s engineers are “working on all fronts”.

V6 or turbo engines are a possibility, apparently, and by continuing to share information with its Formula 1 team, Ferrari will continue to produce the fastest, most fuel-effective road cars.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Ferrari

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