I wish they all could be California...

"Everybody comes to Hollywood...There's something in the air in Hollywood" to quote Madonna. Anyone who lives there can only agree - it may be the best place to live in the world. Classic Driver drove a BMW 750iL in Los Angeles recently in search for the "American Dream".

‘Pimped’ SUVs soon seem to be the favourite transport for a high proportion of the population of Los Angeles. At every traffic light you are dazzled by the sight of enormous 22" chrome rims. There can be no large urban 4x4 that has not been modified or customised in some way. The newest version of the BMW 7-series gives some relief to the eyes, and it’s a frequent sight on the roads of LA. The Munich manufacturer’s most expensive model enjoys great popularity in the West Coast metropolis.

I wish they all could be California... I wish they all could be California...

So you can arrive with an easy conscience with the BMW at the world-famous Beverly Hills Hotel. The legendary place will make any star feel at home. Even just having a sandwich by the pool, or enjoying a cocktail in the famous Polo Lounge. They can go to Melrose to buy "Vintage" T shirts, or into the Hollywood Hills to own a house bigger than their neighbours.

Somewhat North of Los Angeles the roads lead to Malibu, where the "modest" beach houses of the owners of Beverly Hills mansions line up by the azure sea like a ‘Hopper-esque’ painting. The BMW is made for these long-distance trips. The 4.8-litre motor of the 750iL gives you the choice: either driving the sporty coastal roads or cruising gently on the Highway, enjoying the views of the Pacific Ocean. The interior meets all your expectations but one particular feature stood out – the cleverly-designed headrests with lateral support so you are saved the tiresome rocking through winding bends. So the two hour journey to Newport and Laguna beach passes as if it’s by aeroplane.

The cliché saying is that in order to belong to LA, a man needs an expensive car and his wife some "Silicone" treatment... However with the elegant individuality of the BMW 750iL perhaps it’s something that will appeal to both?

Text: Christina Knapp Voith
Photos: Classic Driver

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