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The Huet Brothers HB Special

Considering themselves extremely lucky having grown up among classic Alfas and vintage Bugattis, Paul and Tino Huet have created the HB Special Prototype, a series of roadsters that will not actually be for sale - they'll be the cars used for luxury touring adventures starting in 2008.

The HB Special, which will be handmade in a limited version of 12 cars, is a Barchetta-styled car, that evokes memories of the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Le Mans racers from the mid ‘50s. The concept and design are geared to provide a unique event even for the demands of an experienced classic car connoisseur.

Cars like the Aston Martin DBR1, the Maserati 300 S or the Ferrari 412 S have definitely influenced the overall look and feel of the HB Special. Noise, vibrations, road handling that require technique and mastery to handle - it is a car that is faithful to the original spirit of a classic racing car but does not aspire to be an identical copy.

The Huet Brothers HB Special The Huet Brothers HB Special

The HB Special uses materials such as aluminium and carbon-fibre which means that the car only weighs 750 kg, its chassis and engine are from the Triumph TR6, improved and re-designed so that the straight-six motor, unlike the original version which had 105 -150 HP, now enjoys over 180 HP. The body is made out of a carbon-fibre shell which is produced in-house in The Netherlands. The cockpit and dashboard are aluminium.

For further details please visit the company's website,, where you can also visit the online shop to buy the limited edition HB Benefactor Chronograph and handmade HB Leather Gloves.

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