H&H at Buxton, Derbyshire Dec 9/10 2003 - Review

It was not the ‘celebrity’ cars at H&H’s December auction that provided the top sellers. With the ex-HRH King George VI Daimler DB18 failing to find a new buyer (though bid to £78,000) it was down to the 1931 Bentley 4.5 Litre Open Tourer and 1985 Mikkola/Hertz ex-works Audi Quattro SWB tieing to take overall honours. Both sold for an identical £96,750 including buyer’s premium.

If the Audi was bang on the estimated price the Bentley, very in vogue with the current resurgence of the marque, had the edge - comfortably exceeding its estimate of £70,000 – 90,000. Requiring a restoration, a completely finished car would no doubt be in the £150,000+ league. Of the other well-publicised entries the ex-Beckham 1996 B.M.W. M3 Evolution Convertible sold for a not unreasonable £16393.75 and the 1978 Range-Rover, with ‘Royal’ connections sold for a modest £2795.00.

Of the Ferraris some bargains were to be had with the 1982 Mondial 3.0 QV selling for £8062.5, the 1983 400i for £5912.50 and its Spyder conversion stablemate (ex-Pete Townsend) £4515.00. The 1986 Testarossa went for a market average £30637.5 but neither the 1988 328 GTS nor the 1983 Mondial 3.0 QV Cabriolet sold.

The Rolls-Royce marque had several examples entered and many sold including the 1970 Corniche Coupé for £8062.50, the 1934 Phantom II for £10212.50 and the 1927 20hp saloon for £10212.5. Attractive buys were the 1977 Corniche Convertible for £21,500.00 and the 1978 Corniche II Convertible for £20962.50. The 1975 Camargue, a favourite of our preview sold for £13437.50, someone bought - quite literally - a lot of car for the money.

H&H at Buxton, Derbyshire Dec 9/10 2003 - Review The 1959 Alvis TD 21 Convertible, once owned by the Whitbread brewing family, sold for a low-estimate £16,662.50. These are very nice cars and represent an excellent alternative to an Aston DB2 or Jaguar XK of the period.

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H&H's next sale is on 21st February 2004 at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire

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