HERO: the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation

The Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation aims to attract a broader group of enthusiasts, by encouraging everyone to try something new – whether it’s a one-day test, or a long-distance rally to far-flung places.

To back this up, there's a membership scheme designed to 'empower' the often rather beleaguered classic car enthusiast, offering him the sort of discounts and services more typically associated with the most exclusive car clubs or credit card services.

On the event side, HERO has put together a calendar of trials and tours, each with a unique angle. They range from fast-paced, one-day tests such as the Throckmorton Challenge, through the gruelling, three-day, country-long endurance trial of ‘Le Jog’, to the long-legged and flamboyant London to Lisbon rally.

This latter should satisfy any GT driver’s yearning for a dash through open country, while still offering the cut and thrust of cone-dodging and timed-to-the-second regularity sections.

The revised Summer Trial breaks new ground in seeking to combine ‘classic’ passions, in this case vintage yachts: the Trial will include some time spent at the Panerai British Classic Week in Cowes. And HERO rally-goers should look forward to more elegant, but still fun, motoring with that extra dimension, be it vineyard tours or motor museum visits.

HERO: the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation HERO: the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation

HERO strives to offer a wide choice to enthusiasts who might feel apprehensive about committing car and cash to an event; or, indeed, might have no classic car at all. There are trials and tours to suit every budget (financial and time) and, for those unable or unwilling to use their own car, the organisation runs a small fleet of smartly prepared classic rally/touring cars (the so-called ‘Arrive and Drive’ fleet), which can be hired, complete with maintenance back-up.

Indeed, it needn’t be a HERO event; you can hire them for whatever you like. That aspect of enhancing the enthusiast’s classic driving enjoyment characterises HERO’s approach, and is encapsulated in its ‘Premier Membership’ scheme.

Premier Membership allows its members considerable discounts on event entry fees, or the hire of the Arrive and Drive cars. More importantly, it opens the door to a further range of discounts and services from HERO’s partners, including the likes of Von Essen Hotels, Avis Car Hire, Sabelt (harnesses and racewear) and Borrani Wheels. There’s also car storage, transportation and insurance.

Even if you’re not a died-in-the-wool eventer, here's where the membership becomes very handy for almost any classic owner-user. While few are able to live the GT life full-time, HERO provides intelligent, well-thought-out solutions to the challenges we all face in striving to live with, and enjoy, our classics. You can tell its run by true enthusiasts.

HERO Events 2011 Calendar:

Summer Trial: July 21-23
London to Lisboa: September 1-9
The HERO THrockmorton Challenge: October 15
Le Jog: December 10-13


Website: www.heroevents.eu
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 1656 740275

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