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You can approach car-care in two ways: polish it once and forget it, or lavish time and energy on concours-winning paintwork – every weekend... Robert Earle of G|techniq believes he has a formula to keep both camps happy...except that our polishing enthusiast will have to find something else to do come Saturday.

This is because one application of the company’s smart surface nano-technology-based paint systems has been independently verified to outlast high-end carnauba waxes and polymer/PTFE treatments by as much as 10 times.

The ‘nano’ – or really teeny-weeny to the non-technical – bit is the key. It’s the super-fine cutting and polishing of existing paintwork by the company’s pSystem first-stage polish that gives an optimal surface for further treatment. G|techniq calls it microfine, and what that means is a finish post-polishing that is, basically, ‘smoother’ than after conventional treatment. Nano-technology ensures that microscopic surface variations are rounded and smoothed with no scratching or swirling.

G|techniq describe this as ‘what you see is what you get’ and it means the car (or luxury yacht, or aeroplane) is now ready for the next stage: application of the company’s cSystem. This, nanocrystalline, coating isn’t a wax or PTFE finish, it’s a coating that bonds to the surface of the paint, now perfectly prepared with pSystem polish.

The G|techniq System The G|techniq System

I was able to view the process at first hand when nearby Aston Martin Heritage Specialists Chiltern Aston Centre dropped a V8 Volante round for the G|techniq treatment. As delivered it was in a moderate condition with some swirling from washing and a few deeper scratches. After measuring the paint thickness the G|techniq technicians produced a flawless and deep gloss finish using pSystem which is further enhanced by the application of cSystem.

The result veritably glowed with health. Not only does this mean an end to the weekly or monthly waxing routine (Earle says that many of his customers enjoy this and cSystem takes wax as readily as untreated paint) but it also makes your car stay cleaner for longer, a cinch to clean and because the coating is incredibly thin and hard makes the build up of unsightly swirls caused by washing much less of a problem.

The process was born in the high-end marine industry, with a requirement for super-yachts to retain their $multi-million shine after seasons in the Med or the Caribbean. Earle and company founder Drew Gill were also interested in high quality cars, so it was inevitable that the automotive application followed. The company can also treat windscreens, fabric roofs, interiors and wheels; all from the premises just a short drive from the M25 motorway.

Sitting in the workshop alongside the V8 was a metallic black Porsche Boxster. Once having seriously swirled and scuffed paintwork, the car was now in pristine condition proving the effectiveness of the process.

It’s not just for used or older cars; G|techniq can treat your new possession before you’ve even driven it. The G|techniq system is used by demanding customers such as the P1 and Segrave supercar clubs who have found it the best system available as well as Peninsula Hotels fleet of custom Rolls-Royce Phantoms, and some Ferrari and Maserati dealers around the world.

Earle believes that’s the best way of looking after paintwork in the long-term. Give him a call and find out for yourself, on +44 (0)1923 264344, or email: [email protected]

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With grateful thanks to Dominic at the Chiltern Aston Centre.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: G|techniq

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