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'GT Racer' - Historic Racing on TV

Having spent a year following top-level historic sports car racing in Europe and the USA, film director Alexander Davidis’s short series is now showing on British TV. Regular Classic Driver readers (who aren’t actually on screen!) will be familiar with many of the cars and drivers, as the series – titled ‘GT Racer’ – covers many rounds of last year’s Masters Series Gentleman Drivers, as well as the Spa 6 Hours, and Laguna Seca and Lime Rock in the US.

The theme of each programme is how individual teams and drivers approach a long weekend’s racing, and their motivation for pursuing a ‘classic’ rather than ‘modern’ hobby. The crew picks three or four cars and follows the travails of practice and race, seen through the eyes of the mechanics, drivers and co-drivers.

It’s a fly-on-the-wall approach that works well, although those viewers expecting ‘Grand Prix of Gibraltar’-style commentary, with detailed final placings and running lap charts, will be disappointed.

'GT Racer' - Historic Racing on TV 'GT Racer' - Historic Racing on TV

Much of the action is from the driver’s seat, complete with an accompanying soundtrack of V8 or V12 horsepower. However, the quick editing means there are few occasions where a complete lap is shown; and that’s a shame for those needing further scene-setting on little-used circuits such as Porto. When the engine noise or commentary fades, there’s sub-Kraftwerk electronica to accompany the images.

I have spoken to several historic racers and they all agree it truly represents the atmosphere at these events, but the uninitiated – looking for a Goodwood Revival re-run – may be left wanting more.

That’s not what the series is about and, if you can find time to watch GT Racer, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The series is currently running on the British digital free-to-air channel ‘Dave’. The next scheduled showing is at 13.00 (repeated at 19.00) on Sunday 27th January, but do obviously check your local listings first and see

For further information on The Masters Racing Series Gentleman Drivers in 2008, please visit

Full schedule of remaining programmes:

GT-Racer "The Nürburgring Factor"
GT-Racer "Ferraris at Laguna Seca"
GT Racer "Legends at Lime Rock"
GT-Racer "The Spa 6 Hours"

You can see a short video excerpt by visiting

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Alexander Davidis

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