Grand Prix De L'Age d'Or Autodrome De Linas-Montlhery 2003

This year, once again, the magical Montlhery Autodrome will be the ultimate french “Rendez-vous” for all classic car enthusiasts, clubs, racing drivers and collectors. The Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or will display nearly one century of history in motion at this fantastic venue over the last weekend of June. This is a great occasion to admire closely the cars and witness the glorious past of the monumental track.


More than 100 Classic Cars Clubs and almost 3,000 cars in the “Espace Clubs” will be inside the track, classified by make, periods, countries… Each club is proud to display its treasures with style and imagination. Alongside the clubs, more than 60 exhibitors can help the collector to find a missing part, or the original accessories to complete his car. The Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or is also an occasion to celebrate several anniversaries. This year, the very french Berlinette Alpine A110 will celebrate its 40th birthday : a “Chef d’œuvre” of competition and road car by Jean Rédélé, illustrated here by a display of various evolutions of the model. Sharing the limelight on this treasured occasion, one of the most cherished roadster ever, the extremely British Triumph TR2 / 3, will be celebrating its 50th birthday.


It is impossible not to race at Montlhery! “Ambiance course” on Saturday evening with the famous and traditional endurance race : the “123 minutes of Montlhery” are the time for spectators at the heart of the race to admire the cars as they stop in the pits for refuelling and change of drivers. All of Sunday will be punctuated with spectacular races like GT’s & Touring cars from the 60’s, Prototype, Saloon Cars (Porsche RS, BMW 2002 Ti, Cooper S, etc…), Maxi 1000 (Morris, Renault 4CV, Dauphine…), Lotus Seven Trophy and Promotional Single Seaters (before 1972)… Last but not least the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or will show off Racing and Sports Cars built before the Second World War in race and demonstrations…

Text: Rayon d’Action
Foto: Rayon d’Action