On the go Go-Go

Marrying today’s ‘must have’ travelling music collection accessory the iPod with traditional leather craftsmanship, the Mayfair luxury goods and shooting store has created the perfect bespoke English environment for American Rock and Roll.

The case is leather with a velvet lining and as well as a removable, protective 'made to fit' box for your i-Pod, there's a selection of compartments to keep your charger, earphones and all the other fiddly bits and pieces that come with it. The case is available in Fuchsia, Tan or White, and costs £275.00.

William & Son was founded by William Asprey and Scott Luard in September 1999. Situated at 10 Mount Street in the heart of Mayfair, it now attracts a 'Who's Who' of clientele with their luxury collection of bespoke products. Such as exquisitely designed jewellery, leather goods, precision watches, sterling silverware, fine cufflinks and hand carved stoneware and objet d'art.

William & Son also have a stunning new gunroom, just a few doors down from their existing store, at number 14 Mount Street, which was opened in June of this year. It not only stocks their own William & Son best quality side by side and over and under shot guns and rifles, but also a large selection of second hand English guns. The showroom also has an extensive choice of quality shooting clothing and accessories and they are always very willing to help with any enquiries or special requests that clients may make.

This leaves more space for a greater range of luxury goods at number 10, which was where the gunroom was originally housed.

For more information please visit www.williamandson.co.uk or telephone +44(0)20 7493 8385 .

Text: Classic Driver
Photo: William & Son

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