Gianfranco Ferré 'Kroko-MINI'

World-famous designer Gianfranco Ferré are auctioning a unique MINI Cabrio in aid of Vienna’s “Zugunsten des Life Ball 2004”. The car will appear from 7 to 17 June 2004 on, and, and is unique by having its interior finished in typical Ferré ‘Krokodesign’ leather with an external paint finish to match.

The auction of the ‘Kroko-MINI’ will coincide with the introduction of the new MINI Cabrio when deliveries of MINI One (90bhp) and Cooper (115bhp) will start. The MINI Cooper S Cabrio with a sporty 170 HP follows in August.

For more details on the new MINI Cabrio please CLICK HERE.

Text: Jan Richter
Photos: BMW