Crime doesn't pay: The fastest police cars in history

Here at Classic Driver, we're all for law and order — but when the police are equipped with these potent machines, it does seem a little unfair on Burglar Bill. read more >>

The best getaway cars of all time

The getaway car is one of the most important tools in an outlaw's arsenal. Certain cars have become associated with evading capture while maintaining the driver's criminal credibility; we take a look at some currently available in the Marketplace. read more >>

Faster, Pussycat: The sharpest gangster gals

Beware: they eat men for breakfast. They steal, beat, and murder without scruples. Today we have strapped on our holsters and arrested the sharpest gangsteresses of the silver screen. read more >>

Citroën Méhari: Reporting for duty… at the beach?

It might look like a beach buggy, but the Citroën Méhari's low weight and robust mechanicals made it an ideal vehicle for the police, who adopted it (as did the fire service and army) for duties on rough terrain. read more >>

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