Geneva 2011: Jaguar XKR-S

Haven’t we been here before? ‘Here’ being breathed-on Jaguar XKR territory. Well, yes, we have; but last summer’s XKR 75 could only muster a piffling 530PS/655Nm and a snail-like 174mph. This time, the XKR-S delivers a walloping 550PS and 680Nm torque, enough thrust to propel the heavily revised coupé to 186mph, with the 0-62mph sprint now down to 4.2 seconds.

It will be the quickest-ever production Jaguar, and will make its first appearance at a Geneva Motor Show likely to feature, heavily, the British company’s iconic 1960s E-type: the world-beating sports car launched 50 years ago at this very event.

The XKR-S has an uprated supercharged engine, retuned suspension and revised aerodynamics and, interestingly, is the only model in its class that emits less than 300g/km CO2.

Not bad for a car capable of 0-100mph in just 8.6 seconds.

Further details will be announced on March 1, the press day of the Geneva Show.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Jaguar

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