Gallardo Gullwing

When Lamborghini introduced the Gallardo one of its significant features was, in fact, an 'omission' - the lack of upward-tilting doors in the manner of Lamborghinis past. Now German tuning company Hamann can make your Gallardo truly 'fly', not only via modified aerodynamic components but with the addition of 'gullwing' doors.

Hamann uses an in-house wing/door construction to create a stable system without being too flashy. The hinges can only just be seen, and don't look retrofitted. This ensures that the Gallardo's driver still cuts a fine figure when getting in and out.

The conversion is carried out at Hamann and takes about a week, and is completed with minimal disturbance to the existing bodywork, just a little painting and blending along the hinges and internal surfaces of the doors.

Hamann also offers conversions for the Spyder version and older 500 bhp models, as well as a whole range of tuning options for this model - in the form of aerodynamic components, light alloy wheels, suspension systems and luxurious interior equipment packages.

The company is also currently working on a gullwing conversion kit for the BMW 6 Series and Ferrari F430 convertibles.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Hamann

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