FV10 Teams Up with Ascari Race Resort

As many Classic Driver readers will know, Cars International – through its FV10 programme – offers a very inexpensive way to own and run your own late-model Formula 1 car. Take, for example, a 1996 Benetton 196 (although many post–2000 F1 cars are also availabe, including a famous Grand Prix winner). To buy it can cost less than £200,000, and included in this is the support of the FV10 team to run and maintain your highly complex piece of machinery. It’s a job which few outfits have the expertise or the equipment to take on.

But FV10 is now able to offer rather more within that £200,000. From 1st June, they’re giving customers 12 months’ membership of the Ascari Race Resort - for which FV10 is the official UK representative. This means 15 days of track time per year at the luxuriously appointed race circuit in southern Spain, along with driver tuition and, of course, the highly-skilled FV10 support team of ex-F1 engineers.

The team, in partnership with Cosworth, will work with you to maintain and adjust your car – as well as providing full data analysis, should you wish to see it. To quote F1 commentator Martin Brundle: “The FV10 at Ascari... The best car I’ve driven in recent years at one of my all-time favourite tracks anywhere in the world. Perfect.”

FV10 customers, along with up to three non-driving guests, have full access to the Ascari clubhouse, with its fine dining facilities – and the area’s typical 300 days per year of perfect driving weather. Said Jonathan Kaiser of Cars International; “It’s the perfect way to enjoy 875bhp right behind your ears, with no noise restrictions and plenty of Spanish sunshine.”

Whether you simply want to enjoy the adrenalin rush of track time in your own F1 car, or you intend to go racing in competitive series such as EuroBOSS, there’s a wide selection of late-model F1 cars for you to choose from. See www.carsinternational.com.

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Cars International

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