Fractional Life: A Life Less Ordinary

A new website,, aims to help the growing number of consumers who are joining the ‘fractional ownership’ market. This is the concept of dividing an expensive asset into percentage shares and selling those shares to individual owners.

Most of us are familiar with hotel operators and housebuilders who use the concept to promote the sale of holiday homes; or the classic and supercar clubs who offer you the chance to drive your dream cars for a fraction of the usual cost. The idea is now being extended into virtually every luxury goods market – and the sheer variety can be extremely confusing.

Enter Fractional Life, the brain-child of Piers Brown, who has many years’ experience of the fractional ownership market. His website is there to guide consumers through the choice of packages on offer, and to help them decide which best serves their needs.

Although cars form a sizeable percentage of the website’s listings and features, there are actually 18 separate categories: everything from designer handbags through supercars and property and on to private jets via yachts and helicopters. Almost anything one can think of that is traditionally associated with the most luxurious of lifestyles is there, alongside a few things that may not have crossed your mind.

The site highlights an apparent paradigm shift in attitudes to luxury – representing a broad swathe of society which has dismissed traditional values of ownership in favour of something altogether more immediate. These ‘fractional lifers’, living in an age of broadband-style immediacy of satisfaction, embody the ethos of the site’s tag-line: ‘Your lifestyle. When you want it.’

Brown believes the wider concept is set for huge growth over the next five years or so, as the market becomes more mainstream, particularly in the property arena.

Despite being only recently launched, has a complete listing schedule and a dedicated team of specialists including motoring, sports and fashion journalists and guest appearances from market experts. Together, they serve up articles which discuss the experiences on offer, give consumer advice and present the latest market news, alongside exclusive Fractional Life offers.

Fractional Life is about all the benefits of ownership without the hassle; so why spend an age trawling the internet to seek out your perfect experience when one site brings it all together in one virtual superstore?

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Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Steve Hall

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