Fortis Art Edition ‘Frisson’ – Cold as Ice

Fortis Art Edition ‘Frisson’ –  Cold as Ice

In 2012, Swiss watchmaker Fortis celebrates its 100th Jubilee and, to mark the occasion, the artist Rolf Sachs was asked to come up with a very special concept. His answer was the Fortis Frisson.

Fortis Art Edition ‘Frisson’ –  Cold as Ice Fortis Art Edition ‘Frisson’ –  Cold as Ice

Translated from the French, ‘frisson’ means ‘shiver’ or ‘chill’, an idea expressed in the watch via a special finish on the mineral crystal which allows only a dim vision of the dial and hands until the face is breathed upon, or wiped with a wet finger. The artist and designer Rolf Sachs says of his idea: “I wanted the ‘Frisson’ watch to have an intriguing quality, something different. I used hand-written numerals instead of the typically bold graphics, which often have a sterile touch. Frosting the glass face gives a surprising element, resembling the condensation of an iced vodka glass, just out of the freezer. The wearer is encouraged to physically touch and interact with the glass as wiping their wet finger over or breathing upon the frosted glass will bring total clarity!”

Fortis Art Edition ‘Frisson’ –  Cold as Ice

The winter theme is also reflected in the brushed steel case and transparent silicon strap; and the watch – which is limited to 999 copies – could prove to be an ideal present to find under the Christmas tree. For more information, see

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Fotos: Fortis