Floating Island

Monegasque boat builders Wally have come up with an idea unique in the world of super-luxury yachts. Instead of moving around the oceans' hot-spots to find a suitable island vista - you bring your own one with you, and even better, you can change the scenery as the mood suits you.

From a palm tree oasis to an enormous open-air lounge (or heliport), the WallyIsland offers owners many permutations of configuration. At first sight the yacht looks like a modern freighter, but it is in fact the latest breakthrough project developed by the WallyDesign© department; to have a mega yacht with all the comforts and amenities to enable full-time life on board, that is completely independent and self-sufficient, and features improved nautical characteristics compared to those of similar size yachts.

Floating Island Floating Island

WallyIsland has been designed with a longer length rather than just increasing the height, thus reducing the price and at the same time improving the stability, the result being a sleeker, huge forward deck area of 1,000 m2 (10,764 sq2) that can be devoted to different uses (tennis court, mini soccer court, garden with swimming pool, heli pads...).

Floating Island Floating Island
Floating Island Floating Island

The extra-large swimming pool is at the forward end, while the huge fuel tanks (750,000 l – 198,129US gal) are located in the lower part of the yacht and provide for 15,000 nm range at cruising speed (equivalent to five years of navigation!).

The superstructure of WallyIsland is aft and is designed in the style of an airport control tower. It features three decks: upper deck, owner deck and bridge deck. Three more decks are in the hull: main deck, cabin deck, service and saloon deck.

The lower deck is for the engine room, the systems, and the fuel tanks.

The aft cockpit deck is dedicated to the outdoor storage of the tenders (two 47 WallyPowers –13.6 m / 45’) and all the water toys.

The interior features the main saloon, the living/dining room; the guest accommodation (owners’ suite + 6 double king size suites that can be transformed into 12 suites for 24 guests); the library, cinema, spa, wellness and fitness area; the service and crew area; the steering/navigation area.

Thanks to the vast and versatile saloon areas, WallyIsland can be used for exhibitions, conventions, fashion shows.

For further information please visit www.wally.com.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Wally

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