Fisker Coachbuild to show new car at Frankfurt

The man who brought us the DB9 will be showing his first Fisker Coachbuild design at September’s IAA show at Frankfurt. The new cars is a convertible delivering 610 bhp, enough to give a 0 - 60 mph time of just 3.6 seconds.

Penned by Henrik Fisker, and converted into metal by Bernhard Koehler, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, production of the car will be limited to just 150 pieces - so sightings of the Fisker Tramonto (as the car will be known) will always be a rarity. The company’s logo says it all; the West Coast sun setting over the ocean, so the first Fisker Coachbuild cabrio will embody true Californian spirit.

All Fisker cars will have a recognisable design ‘face’, the company describes the grille design as "inspired by highly sophisticated aircraft designs, such as the F/A-22 Raptor", the large centre opening blending into the fuselage, and the two wings expanding from the ‘mouth’.

The new Fisker coachbuild will be launched on the 13th September 2005 at 14.00 at the Frankfurt IAA. There will also be news of another unique (as yet un-named) car from the company.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Fisker

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