The first automatic NOMOS watch

The newest edition to the Glashütte range of watches brings automatic winding to the company for the first time. Complete with the transparent glass back, the watches are sold under the NOMOS label.

Within just 12 months the 29-year old designer, Mirko Heyne, has produced a milestone in the company’s history. The watch is now ready to enter its ‘test phase’. 250 examples are produced (125 with date, 125 without) are submitted for daily testing by prospective customers to the everyday strains of daily life. Only after this period, and the watch has passed all the tests, will it being ready for the market.

The automated winding is achieved by the movement of the wearer’s arm and wrist. Not a new concept but in the NOMOS this achieved with just the gentlest movement - literally rocking a child to sleep will be enough to sustain the watches power reserve.

The automatic-caliber developed by NOMOS is a large diameter clockwork movement: 34.65 mm. The balance-wheel is substantially larger than many comparable calibers, however the thickness nevertheless remains realtively modest, just 4.3 mm. The (running) accuracy of the prototype was under one minute of deviation per week.

Depending on exact specification the price of the NOMOS will be approximately between 1,500 and 1,800 EURO. This is 50% more expensive than the manually wound versions.

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Text: Classic Driver
Photos: NOMOS Glashütte

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