Ferrari Superamerica at Monte Carlo

Ferrari took the opportunity of the recent Monaco Grand Prix to launch the Superamerica to the world's press. Amongst the beautiful people of Monte Carlo, and at the most prestigious time of the year, it certainly looked at home.

Officially launched at Maranello on the 24th November 2004, and seen at major indoor shows since, the Pininfarina-designed Ferrari Superamerica has been little-seen or tested. The company has designed the car to combine traditional Ferrari 12-cylinder berlinetta performance with a highly original, innovative take on the convertible concept.

It is the first production car to adopt an innovative rotating roof movement in combination with electrochromic technology developed exclusively for glass surfaces of these dimensions, with Saint Gobain.

The Fioravanti-patented rotating roof concept allows the Superamerica driver to electrically drop the top in 10 seconds flat, making it the world’s fastest convertible berlinetta (320 Km/h top speed).

Derived from the 575M Maranello, the Superamerica is available with either an F1-style or manual gearbox. Its big 12-cylinder engine has been boosted to deliver 540 hp too. The new car can also be fitted with the GTC Handling package which offers Ferrari’s very latest high-tech features including carbon ceramic brakes.

The Superamerica’s unusual electric roof has been dubbed Revocromico to highlight the unique combination of its rearward rotation movement and electrochromic technology. It has a carbon-fibre structure and the boot capacity remains unchanged whether the roof is open or closed too. The glass rear window also acts as a wind deflector when the roof is open. The use of electrochromic glass means that the driver can completely control the level of light entering the cockpit. There are five tint levels available and the glass can go from dark to light in under a minute, at the touch of a button.

The Ferrari Superamerica is a limited edition model and will no doubt be subject to a very long waiting list.

Text; Classic Driver
Photos; Ferrari Maserati SpA - Strictly Copyright

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