Ferrari Panamerican 20,000 - to the capital of the United States

The journey's nearly over and the two Ferrari 599GTbs travel from the neon glitter of Las Vegas to the heart of American politics, Washington DC. The journey started in Brazil on August24th, has taken them through 16 countries and across 20,000 miles (32,000 km), and is scheduled to finish in New York on November 17th.

New Orleans, 1st November 2006 - After the walk of fame in Houston the Ferrari Berlinettes left for New Orleans. The team took the highway eastwards heading through the flat terrain, passing various rivers flowing towards the sea.

Trees which were destroyed by the hurricane Catrina can be seen along the road and signs of this devastating storm cover the city . As the cars arrive the usual crowd gather around the Ferraris. In the evening the team visits the French Quarter to listen to music in the various hot spots on Royal Street.

Miami, 3rd November 2006 - After leaving the university town of Gainesville, the two Ferrari Berlinettes drove southbound in the direction of Miami. Driving along the coast the team passes various tourist harbours packed with yachts and small fish trawlers. This is an area famous for deep sea fishing. In Miami the team rendezvous with the local Ferrari dealer for the presentation of the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Naturally the two Panamerican Berlinettes are the evening's toast of the town.

The evening proceeds with interviews for the press and the local TV stations, while a wonderful cocktail party rounds off the day.

Savannah, 5th November 2006 - The highway that leads from Miami northbound runs along the long beaches of Florida, visible between the houses and apartment blocks built close to the beach. From time to time the cars cross a bridge where they can spot numerous yachts on the rivers or channels, and when the road leaves the beach, the two 599 GTB Fiorano drive through woods with pine trees like in Southern Europe. The first stop is in Cape Canaveral (but because of the high security around the site the team can see the base only in the distance) and the second stop is at the Daytona race track, the famous NASCAR and Indy oval. After Jacksonville the tour leaves Florida and drives to Georgia.

The historical buildings of Savannah, named after the river running through it, and the harbour, which was of a strategic importance during the Civil War, are still perfectly intact. It starts to get cold and the warm days and nights of California, the desert and Miami are already only a memory for the team while arriving in Savannah in the evening.

Fayetteville, 6th November 2006 - A sunny yet chilly day bids farewell to the team of the Panamerican 20.000 as they leave Savannah, the road leading through the woods and running alongside wide meadows and fields. The landscape is still green but some spots of autumn beckon already. Next stop is Darlington where the team meets the Case CNH and the local Ferrari Club on the famous high-speed track.

The cars then leave Darlington behind (and the state of South Carolina) and drive into North Carolina. The two 599 GTB Fiorano stop in Fayetteville, close to the airbase of the USAF in Fort Bragg.

Washington, 8th November 2006 - The morning starts in Washington with a morning press conference at the local Ferrari dealer and the presentation of the new 599 GTB Fiorano, the model that is being presented and launched on the US-American market during the Panamerican 20,000 Tour.

Later, the team goes for a ride around the city and stops the cars in front of the most important monuments of the US-American capital. In the evening the team members are welcomed in the new Italian embassy, designed by the architect Piero Sartogo and as usual the guests admire the two Berlinettes - standing next to a 1953 Ferrari 212. Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta and the president of Ferrari North America Maurizio Parlato underlined how the Ferrari brand, admired all over the world, represents the high standard of Italian manufacturing and Italian taste.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Ferrari

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