Ferrari Formula 1 for the living room

For fans of F1 in America, last weekend’s problem with tyres at Indianapolis is probably best forgotten. After the chaos at Indianapolis, where only six cars started, one team shone - Scuderia Ferrari. Why not celebrate with an original Goodyear tyre used by Ferrari in 1996?

Fitted to a gold13" BBS rim, the tyre was originally used for qualifying at Monaco, and so that no doubts to originality can be raised, the buyer will get a certificate signed by the Managing Director of the Gestione Sportiva Ferrari, Jean Todt.

To ensure its safety in transit, the wheel/tyre comes complete with a light wooden flight case. Unfortunately that year Michael Schumacher spun off on the first lap, and Eddie Irvine failed to finish (however was still classified seventh), but for 1250 EURO you own part of the "Monaco Legend".

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Text: J.Philip Rathgen
Photos: Ferrari

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