Ferrari 250 GTO 40th Anniversary - Burgundy 2002

When even the legendary Goodwood Revival race meeting takes second stage to another event, the occasion must be something really special. Last week, in Burgundy, saw the 40th anniversary of Ferrari’s most celebrated model, the 250 GTO, and 23 examples met up again for a week of touring, racing and generally celebrating the glorious life of the best ever road-racing car.

Ferrari 250 GTO 40th Anniversary -  Burgundy 2002 Organised by US owners Paul Papparlado and Peter G. Sachs, the event was co-sponsored by champagne house Moët & Chandon. This ensured not only an adequate supply of fine wines, but also a touring background of the beautiful Champagne region of eastern France. With some of its finest competition results being achieved in the country, at Le Mans, Monthlery and the Tour de France, it was fitting that France should be chosen for this unique occasion.

Ferrari 250 GTO 40th Anniversary -  Burgundy 2002 The story behind the GTO is a well known one, and Tony Dron’s Classic Car of the Week article will give you all the facts, as well as some personal driving experiences. They only made 39, (3 with 4-litre motors), and, as we all know, when for sale command a heavy premium over just about anything else, short of pre-war Mercedes GP cars. Last week the cars were to be driven, and enjoyed, as they should be; on the open road as well as the Dijon-Prenois rollercoaster racing circuit.

Ferrari 250 GTO 40th Anniversary -  Burgundy 2002 Starting in Château de Gilly, near Dijon on Monday 9th September, the week’s programme was enhanced by the presence of many former owners and racers including Jack Sears (Maranello Concessionaires team) and Jean Guichet, the legendary French star of Le Mans and the TDF. In addition former Ferrari F1 drivers such as Alain Prost and Jacky Ickx were on hand to join in the fun. Most of the cars were Ferrari Rosso Corsa however it was nice to see the original metallic blue/white NART colour scheme present, as well as silver and the seminal Maranello Concessionaires red/Cambridge light blue of Sir Anthony Bamford’s 1964 model (on display at Goodwood, but not competing).

The week’s festivities closed on the Friday, with a Dom Pérignon gala dinner at Château de Gilly and by all accounts the week was a great success.

The GTO legend lives on.

The cars and owners present -

Chassis numberOwner
3387 GTBernard Carl USA
3413 GTGregory Whitten USA
3445 GTYoshiho Matsuda JAP
3451 GTLawrence Stroll CDN
3527 GTStephen Pilkington GB
3607 GTS. Robson Walton USA
3705 GTEd M. Davies USA
3729 GTJon Shirley USA
3757 GTNick Mason GB
3767 GTAnthony P. Bamford GB
3809 GTHartmut Ibing D
3909 GTJohn McCaw USA
3943 GTTom Price USA
4091 GTPeter G. Sachs USA
4115 GTPaul Vestey GB
4219 GTBrandon Wang HK
4293 GTWilliam E. Connor HK
4399 GTAnthony P. Bamford GB
4561 SACarlo Vögele CH
4713 SAAnthony W. Wang USA
5111 GTP. Paul Pappalardo USA
5573 GTPierre Bardinon F
5575 GTCarlos Hank Rhon MEX

Review by:Steve Wakefield

Photographs copyright:Moët & Chandon