Father Christmas tests the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Every year he needs to cover tens of thousands of miles from the Arctic Circle to the equator overnight – without being detected. So what better car could Father Christmas choose to make his vital deliveries in than a camouflaged prototype of the forthcoming Jaguar XF Sportbrake?

In the polar region, a reindeer sleigh may be an adequate means of transport; but in snow-scarce Central Europe, Santa’s red-nosed servants are more likely to be a hindrance than a help in his quest for the rapid delivery of presents.

Jaguar Cars Limited has recognised Mr Claus’ plight, and have therefore provided him with a pre-production estate version of its popular XF. When it arrives in Summer 2012 after making a March debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the British load-lugger will be christened ‘Sportbrake’. It is not yet known whether the information collected by Mr Claus about riding comfort and cargo capacity during his seemingly impossible journey will be incorporated into the production model.

Text: Classic Driver
Photo: Jaguar