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Supermodels commandeer Rolls-Royce production line

So that's why they are so expensive! A batch of photographs has been released showing a team of haute couture-wearing supermodels on the Goodwood factory production line. The workers’ union, however, has made no comment…

On re-reading today’s press release, it seems we’ve slightly misunderstood: the photos are from a shoot of a special new model, ‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’. The haute couture-inspired Rolls-Royce coupé combines a summery ‘Andalucian White’ and ‘Arctic White’ two-tone colour scheme, with optional ‘Jasmine’, ‘Tailored Purple’ or ‘Mugello Red’ highlights. The mechanics and engineers on the other hand, who are building the new model, are probably more classically styled, sporting branded all-in-one blue overalls often highlighted with an optional goatee beard.

Photos: Rolls-Royce

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