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The Persol Typewriter Edition – interpreted by Bret Easton Ellis

We’ve always said it in the Classic Driver office, and it’s now official: editors, journalists and writers are the coolest people on the planet. Proof comes in the form of Persol’s latest ‘Typewriter’ special-edition shades, dedicated solely to the ‘common scribe’…

Psycho in Persol

As the Italian eyewear manufacturer puts it, “The typewriter embodies the Golden Age of writing, spending decades by the side of legendary wordsmiths.” As a result, Persol’s latest special-edition collection is dedicated to the storyteller's sidekick, with frame designs inspired by the “symphony” of moving parts inside each. To add further prestige to the project (as if the Persol name weren’t enough…), the company enlisted the services of American screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis – best known for his early-1990s thriller American Psycho – to produce a short and slightly disturbing promotional film for the collection, in which a classic Mercedes convertible also plays a starring role. 

'Orpheus' by Bret Easton Ellis for Persol

Photo/Video: Persol

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