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Period Correct – streetwear and classic Porsche style in California

The Californian fashion label ‘Period Correct’ offers streetwear designs, inspired by classic cars and historic racing. So don’t be surprised if you meet a teenager in Los Angeles with an ‘Gmünd’ T-shirt…

Skate culture meets automotive purism

"Period Correct redefines a culture lost through time, powered by the future of speed and modern design," one reads on the website of the young fashion label based in Costa Mesa, California, south of Los Angeles. And indeed, in the current summer collection, the designers have managed to combine the casual chic of surf and skate fashion on the American west coast with the design purism of motor racing in the 1960s and 1970s. In the latest photo gallery, you see young people posing with careful nonchalance beside legends of Porsche history.

From LA to Gmünd

You also find the Swabian classics in the modernist studio and showroom of Period Correct, and on the T-shirts that read (with doubtful trademark permission) such logos as ‘Superleggera’, ‘Squadra Corse’ or just plain ‘Gmünd’. Even more gratifying than the smart looks, however, is that the smartphone-obsessed generation is again finding excitement in the historic racing cars and classics. Real style is timeless.

Photos: Period Correct

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