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An online auction of Mad Men costumes and props is about to start…

Ever hankered after one of Don’s razor-sharp suits, or an SCDP office chair? This Friday (yes, we’ve left it late, in true Mad Men style), various items from the cult TV show will be sold via an official online auction…

Whether it was the clothes, furniture or accessories, every last detail in the 1960s-based TV show Mad Men exuded classic style. Now, almost 1,400 items from the show are to be sold at auction this Friday, ranging from outfits and jewellery, to cutlery and office decorations.

Mad for memorabilia

Our favourites from the auction include Lane’s broken glasses, Roger’s faux alligator cigarette case, and Joan’s divorce papers. Also of interest is the media plan for the ad agency’s Jaguar account – complete with handwritten tagline ideas – and Peggy’s handbag with built-in timepiece. You can even bid on Don’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. But with the opening bids of many items starting at $50, you might not have to spend a fortune to own a piece of small-screen history. Raise your cut-glass goblets to that, gentlemen.

Photos: Lionsgate/Screenbid

The official Mad Men auction begins on 31 July, and ends on 7 August. For further information and the full lotlist, visit the Screenbid website.